Is the shipping free?

  • Yesss! all our products are FREE SHIPPING within the United States. You just buy it & we'll delivere it.  
How long does it take?
  • Usually it takes from 2 - 5 business days. But, don't worry, you will get your amazing product as fast as possible.

If I get a damaged product?

  • Dont worry, contact our Customer-Center at +1 (844) 426 2435 and  we will replace it at no cost


The furniture:

So what’s your furniture made of?

  • An environmentally friendly material called “engineered wood.” It’s a combination of high-quality hard wood and soft wood residuals of other lumber processes. These components are bonded together with a synthetic resin and then applied to high heat and pressure. The result is a dense, strong panel that is laminated and cut into pieces.  

What about the dimensions? Will it hold my TV, DVD player, computer, etc.?

  • Boahaus furniture is designed to hold most popular audio, video and computer equipment. However, there’s simply no way to design furniture that will hold all makes and models. To be sure you’re getting the space you need, measure your equipment, and then check the furniture dimensions listed on the site, in our brochures or on the furniture cartons. Boahaus Customer Service can help you with exact measurements.  

Is it waterproof?

  • Yes and no. If something is spilled on your product and cleaned relatively fast, no damage will be done. But if the liquid has time to absorb, damage will occur (just like solid wood).




How long does it take to assemble a piece of Boahaus furniture?

  • Experience and capability can cause assembly times to vary considerably. Some models can be assembled in an hour or two, while others may take several hours. Don’t get us wrong — the assembly process is relatively simple but can be time–consuming. The more experience you have with our furniture, the faster the job will go. Working with someone is also a great way to cut down on your workload.

Do you offer home assembly?

  • Sadly no. 
What tools will I need?
  • For most assemblies, just use a #2 Phillips screwdriver, straight-edge screwdriver and hammer. While it might be speedier to use a power screwdriver, overtightening could cause damage. Beyond that, a tape measure and/or an adjustable wrench can be used on some pieces. 

Can I add casters to my furniture?

  • Afraid not. If the unit wasn’t designed with casters, it’s just not safe to add them. It also voids the warranty, so please keep that in mind.


What about leaving the back off?

  • Nope! The back helps to square the unit while also providing crucial stability and overall safety. 

Will the instructions be good enough?

  • Well, with easily identifiable illustrations of steps and product components, we do everything we can to make our instructions clear and thorough. But don’t fret. If you ever have trouble, feel free to connect with us. 

     What happens if there is an issue with my Assembly

    • If a problem occurs with your assembly please contact our Customer-Center at +1 (787) 688 1254. Please have your receipt and order number available. 



    Where can I buy your product?

    • Just type on your browser: “Boahaus”, and you will find several webpages with our products, however, best deals are here ;-)

       Want to work with us? 

      • If you would like to sell our merchandise, no problem. Just send us an email at or ring Customer Service at 1.(787) 688 1254. We’ll send you a full-color brochure covering the entire Boahaus line.