Get to Know Boahaus

Our Collection of Dressing Tables and Vanities 

With Boahaus, at the heart of everything we do is the belief that refurbishing, remodeling and renovating the home you have always wanted shouldn’t ever have to be a difficult or lengthy process. With our extensive collection of dressing tables and vanities, we endeavor to provide you with a versatile, aesthetic and enduring solution for your home. Our dressing tables and vanities are truly unparalleled when it comes to their design, the materials they are constructed from and their versatility. 

 There is something so implicitly glamorous about having a beautiful setup for your vanities, making it the perfect investment for makeup artists who are looking for a place to arrange their makeup, or even anyone who is just looking for a chic and practical solution. The quintessential vanity has long been associated with glamour and style, and with our glass-top, contemporary and lighted varieties you’ll be channelling the essence of timeless and enduring beauty which is intricately intertwined with the vanity’s history. 


An Extensive Range of Designs, Styles & Finishes 

 At Boahaus, we don’t just intend to fulfill your expectations, but exceed them far beyond anything you could have anticipated. It is for this reason that our dressing tables and vanities can be found in countless designs, styles and finishes. Following are just some examples of the types of dressing tables and vanities that we have on offer: 


Boahaus Aine Dressing Table, White, 2 Drawers, 3 Shelves, Light Bulbs

Boahaus Minerva Dressing Table with Mirror and 1 drawer, LED Lights

  • Boahaus Venus Modern Vanity – there is something so incredibly stylish and chic about a glass-top table, and with six drawers you have more than enough room to store away your accessories. 

Boahaus Venus Modern Vanity, Glass Top, 07 Drawers

  • Boahaus Jane Dressing Table – fiercely contemporary and stylish, the silhouette and glass-top table of this vanity echoes the glamour and allure of vintage Hollywood. 

Boahaus Jane Dressing Table, Glass Top, 07 Drawers

  • Boahaus Atira Dressing Table – this is a stunning centerpiece vanity which stands out because of its clean design and sleek contours, making it the perfect addition to a minimalist home. 

Boahaus Atira Dressing Table

  • Boahaus Diana Dressing Table – this lighted vanity provides the perfect backdrop not only to your pampering and beauty sessions, but also for your work meetings and school lessons with its flattering and all-encompassing lighting. 

Boahaus Joan Dressing Table

  • Boahaus Adelaide Vanity Set – this vanity set consists of a pearl-white and wood dressing table and bench, and the wood is a stunningly beautiful addition which will bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to any home 

Boahaus Adelaide Vanity Set, Pearl-Brown, One Drawer with 9 dividers

  • Boahaus Angela Vanity – this intricate and extravagant design is the epitome of refinement and luxury, and this vanity is certainly no exception with its sweeping design and delicate finish. 

Boahaus Angela Vanity with Bench, White, 02 drawers 


Timeless and Enduring Appeal 

Interior design is an art, and the beauty of designing your own home is that you can design it to be a reflection of your inspirations, character and who you are as a person. We’re delighted to be able to accompany you throughout this journey. Our collection consists of dressing tables and vanities in the most sought-after styles, designs and colors – so that you can be assured that we have everything you need in order to transform your vision into a reality. 

The options are truly endless. Many of our dressing tables and vanities come in black or white, and these bold and daring statement finishes will look perfect in any monochromatic or minimalist home. Moreover, white is a color which will always be in season, and it is a color which is bound to illuminate and brighten any interior. What’s more, it has long been known that mirrors are an easy and simple way to instantly make your home feel more spacious and light, instantly transforming the vibe and feel of your room. 

Vanities are not just purely aesthetic either, they’re also incredibly functional. They’re an invaluable solution for beauty enthusiasts when it comes to organizing your makeup, perfumes, hair pieces, jewelry and various other accessories. Boahaus dressing tables are distinguished for their versatility, whether it is for storing your toiletries and makeup, preparing yourself for the day ahead, or even making the most of the ample table space and using it not only as a vanity but as a working desk as well. 


Recreate Your Home, the Boahaus Way 

We have always been committed to providing our wonderful customers with furniture which is not only premium with regards to quality, but faultless in its construction, engineering and versatility. Creating the living spaces that you have always longed for has never been easier, and with Boahaus you can envision and cultivate the home of your dreams. 

When it comes to color palettes, few are as versatile and adaptable as the splendid white and black tones of our spectacular collection. Their stunning contemporary design ensures that they will look perfect in even the most minimal or confined of spaces. What’s more, their understated and minimalist glamour ensures that it will make a subtle, but enduring, impact within your home. Aside from being visually stunning, our vanities are also as practical as much as they are versatile, and they are is bound to last you for years to come. 

The silhouettes of our vanities also have an incredibly stylish cut-out design, bringing an exciting and dramatic edge in comparison to more traditional and modest dressing tables. The gorgeous subtlety and delicacy of the colors and designs we use mean that they will match seamlessly with any material such as wood, velvet, leather and wool – to name a few. Their beautifully finished surfaces reflects the light from any light source, bringing luminescence and glow into your living spaces. With their solid build and durable design, these dressing tables are bound to see you through decades of beauty sessions and peaceful moments. 

We hope to make the process of re-envisioning your home as enjoyable and as simple as possible, and with our gorgeous collection of dressing tables and vanities you can instantly and completely transform your living spaces. We dedicate every effort and resource to delivering exceptionally beautiful pieces of furniture that will last you for years, decades and perhaps even a lifetime to come. With their timeless sophistication and enduring beauty, our vanities will dramatically elevate your living spaces.