Summer is at its peak and while some are planning their vacation, others are searching for interior design ideas. A change of season is always a change of mood and vibes, and summer is no exception. It is time to renovate your home and lift your spirits by celebrating good weather and freedom!
Here are two of our favourite trends to follow to make your home feel lighter and brighter:
Minimalistic white for lightness:
While white colour is always trending, it is especially preferred during the summer as it represents clarity. Since it is neutral, it can be paired with wood colours, greys, black and even solid colours. We are especially fond of the Denali Dining set for many reasons. Its clean, sharp line and size make it suitable even for compact spaces. Make a statement by adding a solid-coloured vase with flowers in the middle and transform your kitchen just like that!
Wood colours for sustainability:
     The past two years have shifted the trends with a preference in natural shades, materials and sustainability. Wood and marble variations are two of the most requested ones, as they bring a sense of nature indoors and therefore help create a calm and relaxing environment. However, since it’s summertime, adding just a piece of furniture that is wooden is not enough! Our personal favourite is the Liverpool Expandable Bar Cabinet in walnut colour. This timeless work of art not only compliments the space you use it in but also creates a focal point for your gatherings and friends. Fill it with your favourite wines, spirits, and liquors to create summer cocktails for your parties!
Let the summer mood in your homes!