Fall is Coming

Fall is Coming

Fall is coming, and at Boahaus we’re looking forward to embracing everything which makes this season so wonderful and exciting – pumpkin spiced lattes, jewel colored leaves, warm drinks and cozy sweaters. It is the season when the nights begin to draw in and the temperatures start to feel cooler, when restaurants and cafes debut pumpkin-spiced treats on their menu, the leaves on the trees become a stunning array of colours, and families and friends celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Harvest Festival.

If you’ve been looking to renovate and reset your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of sitting in the warmth and comfort of your home, surrounded by your loved ones and enjoying the season in all its splendour and glory – and Boahaus is here to deliver these experiences to your doorstep. In the following guide, we’ll be giving you all the inspiration you need when it comes to fall-inspired home solutions and interior design.

Embracing The Fall Aesthetic

The mellow and somewhat melancholy aesthetic of fall makes it so unique, and the perfect inspiration for your home décor as you prepare your mind and your home for the amazing memories and experiences which are ahead. When it comes to your home, this is the perfect opportunity for you to transition from the lightness and minimalism of summer to the warmth and coziness of fall.

As the seasons turn, it is a time of transformation and growth as the trees, animals, weather and even the length of the day begin to change in readiness for fall. Alongside nature, you can also embrace the creative inspiration and potential of this time by setting and decorating your home. At Boahaus, we have a breathtakingly beautiful collection of furniture which will prepare your living spaces for this new season.

At the heart of fall décor is earth-toned and jewel-hued palettes and rustic textures and materials, and we’re here with all the fall-inspired home ideas you need for your kitchen and dining, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Geometric Palettes and Patterns

During fall, the season turns and transforms nature into a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours. Whilst delicate pastels and bright neons reign supreme during the summer, the colors this season are all about yellows, reds, oranges, browns, ochres, creams and whites. If you love injecting liveliness and character into your home, then you should definitely consider geometric palettes and patterns.

They are a great way for you to combine different shades and lines in a way which is artistic, memorable and eye-catching. The possibilities are endless, and you can mix and match different textures, colors and designs to achieve the effect you want. In your living room, for example, you can combine the natural patterns of our wooden furniture with earth-coloured soft furnishings and decorative accessories.

For spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, you can introduce blocks of bold monochromatic colour with our vanities, cabinets and desks, and then bring in geometric patterns with bed linen, cushions, throws, towels and bath mats. It’s a brilliant way to spruce up your interiors with the energy, vibrancy and atmosphere of fall.

Styling Your Furniture

Interior design is an art which requires attention to detail and a passion for creativity. Ultimately, your choices and decisions regarding your furniture will have a massive impact on the overall appearance and impact of your home. The classic country aesthetic has always been perennially popular, and it is especially suited to the aesthetic and designs which are usually associated with fall.

When it comes to fall furniture and home ideas, we dedicate every effort and resource to delivering exceptionally beautiful pieces of furniture that will last you for years, decades and perhaps even a lifetime to come. Our pieces are at once simple and sophisticated, and the beauty of this is that they can accommodate a range of styles and themes with their flattering palettes, sleek contours and pleasing shapes.

Styling our furniture is incredibly easy as well, and you can combine it with fabrics such as wool and tweed, chunky textured knits and delicate crochet pieces in order decorate your home for the season. Boahaus furniture can be adapted and implemented into any setting, and will always look stylish and chic no matter the time of year.

Classic Greys

Anyone who happens to scroll through Pinterest home inspiration boards or follow interior design pages on Instagram is likely to have come across white and grey interiors in a range of distinctive styles and looks. White and grey are those quintessentially modern colours which encompass the modern and minimalistic vibe of contemporary living and aesthetics.

Whether you decide to opt for some white-coloured walls, hang a gorgeous charcoal curtain or install grey-painted furniture, these beautiful tonal shades are at once effortlessly timeless and flawlessly on-trend. These tonal shades also lend themselves perfectly to the fall aesthetic, so if you’re a lover of neutral interiors you’ll be pleased to know that you can still create the perfect seasonal home.

Our furniture is available in a range of whites and greys, and these beautifully versatile pieces create the perfect backdrop for minimalist interiors, classic rooms or even more eclectic schemes as well. To create interest, you could always combine these shades with knitted finishes, delicate weaves, linens and geometric patterns. If you want to introduce accents, you can also consider lamps and shades, photo frames, rugs and smaller decorative pieces in order to enhance the impact of your Boahaus furniture.

Our Boahaus Solutions

Fall is coming, and as the season changes it is the perfect opportunity for you to decorate and set your home. During the summer, the general rules when it comes to interior design are light and airy palettes, shapes and settings. As we transition to fall, however, it’s all about gentle hues, earth tones, cozy textures and warm interiors. At Boahaus, we endeavour to provide you with enduring home solutions which will last you for a lifetime.

We hope that this guide has given you all the inspiration you need in order to embrace the beauty and potential of this time of year, and create a space which encompasses the comfort, peacefulness and joy of this season. Fall is an exciting and wonderful time, and we’re here to ensure that you can seamlessly transition your décor from summer to fall, the Boahaus way.