Celebrate Independence Day with Boahaus

Fourth of July – A Celebration of Freedom and Liberty 


Independence Day, otherwise known as Fourth of July or July 4th, commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress in 1776. Although it is a date of immense historical and symbolic importance within the United States of America, it is a celebration of truly universal ideals – nationhood, independence, freedom, liberty, self-expression and creativity. It is a holiday of parades, fireworks, gatherings, parties and various other festivities, and serves as a reminder of the ideals, aspirations and dreams of which the United States was founded upon.  


To this day, we remain committed to these values and ensure that they are upheld throughout our personal and social lives. It is for this reason that, more than two centuries later, we continue to celebrate Independence Day and cherish the ideals of freedom and liberty that it enshrines. Ultimately, personal freedom is about creating places where everyone and anyone can be their true and authentic selves, without fear of judgement or expectation. Your home is no exception. These days, designing the home of your dreams is all about using your living spaces to express yourself, your personality and who you are as a person.   


Expressing Yourself Through Your Home 


Self-expression is the ultimate manifestation of liberty, protecting people’s freedom to express their creativity, desires, aspirations and dreams without any censure or restriction. Here at Boahaus, we’re delighted to provide you with an incredibly beautiful range of furniture so that your creativity can flow uninhibited. Our furniture can be found in countless materials, colors and patterns, and for every palette, aesthetic and style. For anyone hoping to bring some individuality, character and excitement into their home, Boahaus provides the perfect place.  


Home design is the art and science of enhancing the appearance of your home. Any living space is made up of a variety of components, and each of these components have to be balanced according to their shapes, textures, patterns and colours and the way in which they incorporate your own personality and creative flair. Having an aesthetically pleasing and perfectly designed home is more important than you might initially think. When the home decor in your living spaces compliment and balance one another, it does wonders for your experience and enjoyment of the time you spend in those spaces. 


Recreate Your Living Spaces 


There is no feeling more liberating than knowing that we are free to make the choices we want to make, and nothing can compare to the contentment and fulfilment we feel when we see those choices delivering the results we want. Recreating your home works in the same way. The elements we use within our homes have a considerable impact on our mood, feelings and thoughts. Interior design integrates all of these elements so that they have a positive influence upon our psychological and emotional wellbeing. Our homes are places for us to be ourselves, where we are at our most comfortable and truly feel like we belong. 


Furniture, when tastefully and tactfully brought into our home, can really elevate a room from being just functional to actually becoming a source of inspiration, motivation and utter tranquillity. Our collection consists of a range of gorgeous designs, colour palettes, shapes and styles. At Boahaus, we’re passionate about interior design and maintaining the standard of excellence we’ve become known for, and alongside our unparalleled customer service we hope that you will have an enjoyable experience as you browse our amazing collection of statement and minimalist furniture. 


Bring Your Creative Vision to Life 


Considering that we spend so much time within our homes, it’s essential that we create spaces that are inspiring, calming and tranquil. Everyone has their own unique vision and desires when it comes to creating the home of their dreams, and that is the beauty of home styling and something that we encourage our customers to keep in mind whenever they purchase something. Our collections encompass every style you can think of – whether you love the contemporary minimalist aesthetic or you’ve always been inspired by the charm and warmth of traditional homes. 


Designing the home of your dreams has never been easier, and there’s no doubt that browsing through our stunning ranges will be a source of endless inspiration. We’re passionate about providing you with quality, long-lasting and beautiful furniture that will serve you for years and years to come. To this end, we’ve gathered a stunning collection of furniture that can be found in countless, designs, colours and styles. 


The versatility of our furniture means that they are universal in their appeal and impact, and aren’t only perfect as a decoration for your home but are also long-lasting, durable and functional pieces which will be a valued asset in your home for years to come. Your home should be the one place where you can completely be yourself, and enjoy everything that is celebrated on a national holiday like Independence Day, every day and any day. 


Our Promise to You 


With Boahaus, you can effortlessly achieve the warm embrace of a cosy room, a cooler minimalistic aesthetic, a quintessential country charm or the contours and edges of modern interior design. Whether you want to be soothed and calmed by your living spaces or enlivened and energised by them, Boahaus furniture will enable you to decorate your home so that you can achieve exactly what you are envisioning. Our furniture has an unrestrained and unapologetic beauty, and because of its versatility there are a range of stylistic aesthetics and vibes you can go for. 


Independence Day is so much more than the fireworks and the barbecues, although they’re certainly a thrilling part of the celebrations. On a much deeper level, however, this holiday is a symbol of the passion and desire for freedom which lead to the establishment of the United States of America. This is a country built upon the idea that everyone should have the liberty to live their lives as they wish. The home is the perfect place to start, and with Boahaus you can elevate your home to a creative, peaceful and nurturing living space.