Back To School With Boahaus

Back To School With Boahaus

The pandemic marked the onset of a long and difficult year, during which students had to adapt to learning from home. Since then, our lives have been gradually returning to some level of normalcy. As we approach the beginning of a new academic year in September, schools, colleges and universities have begun to reopen their doors. There is no doubt, however, that even as we slowly go back to school we’ll still be continuing our habits when it comes to home-studying and remote-education.

Here at Boahaus, we want to ensure that you can navigate this transition as smoothly as possible. We offer an impressive range of furniture which will instantly upgrade any home-based work environment or learning study, so that wherever you may be you can fulfil all of your commitments with ease and comfort.

Creating a Hybrid Workspace

When reports of an unknown virus began to emerge in December, the global community could never have anticipated the extent to which this pandemic would completely transform the way in which we live. In a matter of weeks, routine activities which just a few months before we would never have given a second thought were restricted under government regulations.

For months, many of us were confined to our homes under the guidance of the authorities and our lives changed almost beyond recognition. Schooling was certainly no exception, and students had to adapt to learning outside of the classroom and within their homes instead.

Even as you prepare to return to high-school, college or university, having a thoughtfully designed, tranquil and functional home study has never been more important. A hybrid approach to learning and working has become one of the long-term legacies of the pandemic, and for many of us we will be continuing to use our home-based working and learning spaces regularly.

Flourish and Thrive at Home

One of the main advantages when it comes to having a workspace set-up at home is that you can cultivate a setting which is tailored perfectly to you. When it comes to working and learning, your study environment can have a powerful impact on the way in which you perform. It should be a place which encourages tranquillity, peace and relaxation, so that you are in the ideal position to focus and concentrate on what really matters to you.

At Boahaus, we understand that everyone is unique when it comes to their preferences, personality and their interests. Especially when it comes to designing the interior of your workspace, there is no one-size-fits-all solution which can be applied to each individual. This is why we’re delighted to offer a vast array of desks, tables, chairs, bookcases and any additional home furniture you may need.

Ultimately, we believe that even when you’re doing school at home you shouldn’t have to settle or compromise with your furniture – your home study has to inspire and motivate you. It should be somewhere you can flourish and thrive, and when you’re in a place which you have created with your own well-being in mind then you’ll realise just how much it positively impacts your satisfaction and productivity levels.

By browsing through our gorgeous collection of furniture, we can assure you that you will receive an endless source of creative inspiration and artistic flair. Whether you would prefer a minimalist setting or something more traditional, or perhaps you’re open to suggestions and ideas, you’re bound to find whatever you’re looking for in our store.

The Ultimate Combination of Functionality and Aesthetic

Following is a glimpse into some of the options and possibilities that we have for you at Boahaus:

Boahaus Multi-purpose Cabinet and Desk – This is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture, and with its compact and modern aesthetic it is bound to elevate the appearance of any office space. Not only does it provide ample storage and working space, you can also fold the desk away so that it doesn’t consume unnecessary space whilst you aren’t using it for your studies. It is the ultimate home office solution.

Boahaus Danderyd Ladder Bookcase – Regardless of what you are studying or where you are working, there will always be books and files which you have to organise and manage. Our ladder bookcase is a delightfully quaint and unique alternative to more traditional home decor, and you can use it for the organisation of all sorts of books, files, portraits, gadgets, souvenirs and items. However you decide to use it, it will make for a beautiful addition to any workspace.

Boahaus Tianjin Student Desk – This exquisite computer desk encompasses the simple beauty and elegance of contemporary minimalism. Alongside a spacious desktop, it also features a large cabinet with a generous capacity so that you can store away your stationary, books, electronics, gadgets and accessories. Not only is it ideal for working and learning, but you can also use it as a make-up vanity because we have incorporated a flip-top mirror into its modern and elegant structure.

Osaka File Cabinet – When it comes to learning and working from home, one thing that you can never have enough of is storage. If you’ve been looking for a compact and stylish storage solution and bedroom décor which won’t take up too much room in your home office, then this is the perfect option for you. It’s sophisticated design incorporates a key-lock for the purpose of protecting your most important possessions, alongside a drawer for hanging letter-size files, another drawer for storing away office supplies, and four plastic wheels so that you can adjust its position with ease.

Embrace Your Home’s Potential

Interior design is the art and science of beautifying the appearance of your home. Any living space is made up of a variety of components, and each of these components have to be balanced according to their shapes, textures, patterns and colours. When everything in your learning and working spaces compliment and balance one another, it does wonders for your experience and enjoyment of the time you spend in those spaces.

The elements we use within our homes also have a considerable impact upon our mood, feelings and thoughts. Interior design integrates all of these elements so that they have the maximum positive influence upon our psychological and emotional well being. Our homes are places for us to be ourselves, where we are at our most comfortable and truly feel like we belong. This is something that is particularly important when it comes to your home office.